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Conscious Contracts®

Imagine that a contract wasn't the end of a negotiation, but the beginning of a relationship.


Imagine that it wasn't a list of obligations and punishments, but a reflection of the blossoming cooperation between you and your new partner. Imagine that you sat down with them – supplier, client, employee – and explored your common vision, goals and values, then created a roadmap to dealing with whatever the future has in store:  the exciting, the challenging, the complex and how you will approach them, together.


Imagine being heard, and having your interests and needs addressed.


​This is collaborative negotiation, and these are Conscious Contracts®. A new way of looking at business relations based on forging a real common mission, rather than trying to foresee every difficulty or danger down the road. Why limit ourselves to this unwinnable game of predicting and punishing any kind of future risk? The future is by its very nature unpredictable. And through collaboration it is possible to manage risk together with our partners – not in competition with them.


In the twenty-first century, businesses recognize that the bottom line is not merely money today, but threefold – people, profit and planet. A successful business must maximize the benefit to all three, and the data shows that endeavors which do this are in the long run more successful than those that focus on financial gain alone.


We accompany you and your partner while you craft your future, and formulate a legally binding agreement. Maximizing the added value of working together, and expertly advising you on the structures you need to deal with change when it arises - transforming a contract into a journey of awareness and intentionality. We can advise you during your negotiations, or mentor both parties in the negotiation process in real time.


You and your partner are on the same side, after all. 

Click here for a graphic representation of the Conscious Contracts® process

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