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Our vision:

A world where conflicts - from the individual to the international level - are resolved through direct communication without resort to violence or coercion; where power imbalances are intrinsically corrected out of a sense of fairness and justice by those holding power towards those who hold less; where humans are instilled with the courage to prefer their natural tendency towards collaboration; and where science and truth are respected fully and equanimously. In this world,  economies evolve to embrace and enable the pursuit of purpose by individuals, organisations and society at large.

Our mission:

To provide the best possible tools, assistance and guidance for prevention, management and resolution of commercial conflicts; to shift paradigms from a conflict- to a change-centric orientation, stressing individual responsibility, autonomy and accountability for processes alongside willingness to seek outside assistance when needed. We resonate with clients who are aligned with our core values.

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Chuck Kanafi is an integrative lawyer living and working in Berlin, Germany. He is a multicultural commercial conflict prevention and resolution expert, drawing upon his extensive experience living and working in different parts of the world. He
is a former career diplomat, international negotiator and peacemaker, specialising today in creation of Conscious Contracts® and in resolving disputes involving European Union, Indian and Israeli parties.

After practicing law as a litigator in the early 1990s, Ambassador Kanafi undertook
a 25-year long career as a professional diplomat representing Israel at the
United Nations General Assembly, and taking part in the Oslo II negotiations
between Israel and the PLO; the Israel-Jordan Peace Agreement; The Forced and
Slave Labourer Compensation agreement with German Industry (2000), and
numerous bilateral trade and development treaties.

Upon retirement from the Foreign Service in 2015, Chuck established an integrative
legal practice as a Conscious Contracts® practitioner and as a mediator. His pro bono
legal activities include serving in a community mediation centre in Berlin, and as a
legal advisor on refugee matters.

Chuck is admitted to the Bars of New York State and Israel as an attorney, is a
Certified Mediator under German law (§6 ZMediatAusbV) and a certified Conscious
Contracts® practitioner and trainer.

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