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Chuck Kanafi

Lead Teacher

Chuck specializes in designing legally enforceable, evolutionary, intentional and mindful conflict prevention and management systems, and mediating conflicts if they arise. He is a values-based, purpose driven lawyer crafting values-based, purpose-driven contracts for people discovering and living their values and purpose. He is a Certified Conscious Contracts® practitioner and trainer. He has over thirty years of legal, government and international trade and high tech experience. Focal points include the European Union/Germany, Israel, and India. Certified Mediator under German law.


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Damien Dillenbourg

Damien has been an attorney, a judge in criminal court and a Chief Prosecutor in Belgium. After 25 years spent in the judicial system, he felt that law was a too narrow way of seeing the world if you want to embrace the complexity of human relationships. In 2018, he started a private practice as a business coach and consultant. When he encountered the world of Integrative Law, and mainly the work of Kim Wright and Alala Linda, it became clear to him that one could both practice law and at the same time address some deeper human issues. Law serves the relationships, in private and business life, but no relationship can be looked at only through the eyes of law. He works with founders, investors, managers, non-profit organizations and also private individuals and couples.

Damien is a Conscious Contracts® practioner, certified business coach, certified Enneagramm practionner (Claudio Naranjo' s field), expert in PeterKoenigSystem® (organizational architecture-money work). He was a guest lecturer in Criminal Law at the Université Catholique de Louvain for ten years. 

+32 / 485 53 90 92

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