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Conscious Contracts® Training

Imagine that a contract wasn't the end of a negotiation, but the beginning of a relationship.

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This is our introduction to the unique Conscious Contracts® method. It's meant for anyone who has ever had to come to an agreement. It can be for their personal or working lives - or to balance between the two. This course for lawyers and non-lawyers alike explores the paradigm shift of integrative law.  It is also the first step on the journey to certification as a Conscious Contracts® practitioner for people who chose to expand their practice!

At present we are offering an Introduction to the Conscious Contracts® model training comprising 12 hours of virtual or in-person interaction.

The training is highly interactive and participants will create their own Touchstones as well as understand the creation of the ACED.

​This course will be run in-person, in English (with trainers fluent in German, French and Hebrew if clarification is necessary).

Course Outline

Day 1:

1. Reinventing Contracts: An

Overview & Shift of Mindset


In this module, we will introduce ourselves, look over the outline of sessions, and  give an overview of the Conscious Contracts® process and how it fits into the changes happening in business and law. We’ll also introduce the Workbook that will guide us through the process.


2. The Touchstone: A Foundation of Values


This module introduces one of the cornerstones of the Conscious Contracts process: The Touchstone. We will see how the values provide a foundation for the contract, how they build relationships, and how they inoculate the parties for future conflicts. You will begin to build your own Touchstone and co-create a hypothetical contract, working with a team of classmates. 

3. Drafting & Designing


Plain, relational language is a basic requirement for the drafting process which pulls together the pieces of what we’ve been working on. We’ll share some examples of clauses that will help you to visualize your own drafting process. In this segment, we will also share some design and visual contract elements. 


Day 2:


4. The "Operating Agreement of Me"


In this other cornerstone, the Accord or Harmony Clause, we will examine the elements of a conversation structure for having hard conversations, making decisions, and returning grace to the relationship. We will explore our own reactions to conflict and working through these with clients.




5. Negotiating Terms from Values: Creating the Action Plan 


We can’t use the old methods of arm-twisting and intimidation in negotiating the terms of the agreement, so what do we use? We’ll explore some more tools and techniques for co-creating terms that work for everyone.



6. Putting together the pieces  


In this last segment, we will share our contracts with all of the components. Your teachers will answer questions and we will discuss how to incorporate what you’ve learned into your practice

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